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Cyn's Play Place Awarded a 2023 Global Recognition Award

Updated: May 11

June 21, 2023

Alex Sterling, 

2023 Global Recognition Awards

Cyn's Play Place is a distinguished childcare provider that has been awarded a 2023 Global Recognition Award for its innovative approach to providing non-traditional nanny services at unbeatable pricing and structure. Since its inception in February 2017 in Stone Mountain, GA, the company has consistently focused on exceeding the childcare expectations of the communities they serve. This unwavering dedication has enabled Cyn's Play Place to expand its reach and now serves over 12,000 families across the country.

Cyn's Play Place has achieved remarkable growth in just a short period, with annual revenues of 1.2 million dollars and a recent international expansion to France in February 2022. Their nontraditional childcare and educational services have become a household brand for their client families, providing a vital resource that offers stability and consistency for children from infancy through middle school.

The company's visionary approach goes beyond traditional childcare—contracting highly qualified and extensively vetted babysitters and nannies to provide in-home care across 13 U.S states and internationally. In addition to their nanny and babysitting services, Cyn's Play Place offers private preschool and elementary education, further establishing it as a comprehensive, quality solution for families' childcare needs.

Cyn's Play Place's commitment to excellence has been recognized by a number of prestigious awards, including Best of Stone Mountain in 2019 and 2020, City's Best Awards 2021, South East USA Prestige Awards 2022, Best of Georgia 2023, and Niche Best Schools 2023. This consistent recognition cements the company's standing as a leader in the childcare industry.

With a projected increase in clients from 12,000 to 25,000 by 2024, Cyn's Play Place is continuing to outperform its competitors, including other daycares, preschools, and nanny agencies. By staying true to their founding principles and maintaining an ongoing dedication to serving their communities, Cyn's Play Place has truly earned a 2023 Global Recognition Award.​

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