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A Message from the Owner- Cynthia "Cyn " Mbangue

Hello to All!

Here is my story; At only 25 years old, I began this journey with my mind set on wanting to make childcare easier and more affordable for parents. As a young child, I personally experienced going to daycare and my younger Brother also attending. It was a blessing my Mother was an employee at the Daycare, however, for some of the Mothers, they seemed to have completely different experiences with day-to-day operations than my Mom. I could not figure it out and really at that age, it was nothing more than a blur. The older I became, it started to make sense. Childcare was way too expensive and honestly, many parents just could not afford it. Daycares are way too costly and finding the right childcare provider to trust with your child personally just seems like a nightmare at times! I got to an age of maturity and with each child I added under my belt, it dawned on me what my passion was- children. By 12 years old, I was already caring for my younger sibling and other infants & toddlers on my own.

During my years in middle and high school, I volunteered for several after-school programs in my community to assist with Preschool through Elementary kids helping them with homework, social activities to promote confidence and positive self-esteem, art projects and other forms of educational programs to engage with during their duration at our program. I was given so many positive avenues to further my passion in Early Childhood.

The establishment of Cyn’s Play Place was originally to help mend the bridge between costly Daycare and affordable in-home childcare services. Being a Mom myself, I understand the importance of reliable, trustworthy childcare. I wanted to provide a service for the many parents who feel they do not have options. I look forward to meeting and interacting with our clients, and to continue offering childcare and customer service that exceeds all expectations.

Cynthia Mbangue,

Cyn's Play Place Owner