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  • What Are Your Fees?
    Fees can be found on the web-pages for individual services. Contact our office if you have specific questions.
  • Do You Provide Transportation?
    Yes we do!
  • What Are Your Class Sizes?
    Our PreK classes at each locations are 15:2 (6:1 on average)
  • Do Your Daycares/Preschools Accept CAPS?
    We do not accept CAPS.
  • What Does My Child Need to Bring for Preschool/PreK?
    Uniforms- Navy collar shirt and khaki pants. Their favorite pillow, blanket, and if needed, a potty seat for potty-training.
  • Are Your ABA Services Accredited?
    We believe every aspect of caretaking, especially for children with specials needs, should be taken seriously and provided with the upmost quality. That is why, we are seeking accreditation with the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. You can find more information about their standards by visiting,
  • What Area/Cities Does Your Babysitting/Nanny Agency Service?
    We provide in-home childcare (babysitting/nanny services) in The United States: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and France. Please contact our main office to confirm if we service your area!
  • How Does The Nanny/Babysitting Placement Process Work?
    Complete the online Family Application or contact our office to provide details of your needs. For in-home childcare services, long term placements may take up to 2 weeks or longer depending on your needs. On-Call babysitting services can be booked any time after you have completed registration.
  • What Makes You Different From Other Agencies?
    Cyn's Play Place has a unique model which sets us apart from other companies. Founded February 2017 in Stone Mountain, GA, we are one of the first Metro Atlanta childcare company to offer non-traditional nanny services with unbeatable pricing & structure. Because of our strong determination & dedication to exceeding our community's childcare expectations, we have since grown to service over 12,000 families across the country. Our vetting process is extensive and personal. We carefully screen each of our employees before sending them to meet your family. We run their background checks, speak with references, and obtain feedback from previous employers. We do not mix and match, meaning you'll usually have the same provider(s). Weekly rates are based on the sitter pay rates. You have the option of paying your provider directly. All childcare hours are quoted and contracted based on your needs. Childcare providers are employed by the agency and are expected to adhere to the schedules you provide! Sounds simple right? Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Do I Pay The Agency or My Provider?
    You have the option of paying your provider directly through however method and pay schedule you both decide.
  • This Is My First Time Using An Agency. How Do I Determine A Reasonable Budget?
    Most nannies and babysitters prefer a pay rate that meets their previous experience and credentials in the childcare field. Additionally, you should consider the hours/days you are requesting of them. We suggest offering no less than $15/hour for fulltime (40hrs+) positions or $30/hour for part time or occasional needs (30hrs or less). Negotiating during your Meet & Greet(s) is recommended of course. Your potential provider will let you know what they are comfortable with and you both can decide what works for the arrangement.
  • Is There a Wait Period For A Nanny/Babysitter?
    There is no wait to begin in-home services. Screening a new provider specifically for your family may take up to 2 weeks or longer depending on your needs.
  • What is an "On-Call" Babysitter/Nanny?"
    An "On-Call" babysitter or nanny is someone who is readily on standby for any last minute needs your family may have.
  • How/Where Do You Find The Providers?
    We use job boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired and our Careers webpage to post our job listings for candidates to send resumes and complete their applications.
  • Are Babysitters and Nannies Background Checked?
    Absolutely. By law, employees, especially anyone working with children must undergo a background check.
  • Do I Get To Meet The Nanny/Sitter(s) First?
    Yes! We believe in making sure all parties-especially the children, are comfortable with one another before services begin. Once registration is complete, we encourage you to meet the providers we feel will be the best fit for your family. Once you have chosen your perfect fit, you are then provided a copy of their provider profile and background check for your records.
  • Do You Operate on Weekends?
    Yes! Our facilities are open for drop-in services as needed. You can book online on our drop-in calendars. Additionally, babysitters are also available for your needs just let us know ahead of time!
  • Definitions
    Full Time Live In Nanny A full time nanny typically lives in your home in their own separate living area. A live in nanny may work varying or set schedules either full time or part time each week. ​ Full Time Live Out Nanny Full time live out nannies work between 30-50 hours per week and prefer set schedules each week. Babysitter A babysitter may work less than 30 hours per week with various families or one family on a set schedule. Newborn Care Specialist A newborn care specialist is a provider who comes to your home, at times staying overnight to assist with your newborn baby. Nanny Share Nanny share is when you and another family share the same or similar schedule and have one nanny or babysitter for all children in a mutual home. Nanny shares work best if both families live in the same area and all children are around the same age group. ​ Travel Nanny A travel nanny is one who is available to accompany families on trips. A travel nanny would expect their expenses such as room and board to be covered by the family. Compensation would be negotiable based on hours the nanny is required to tend to the children. Special Event Sitters Special event sitter assist with childcare at your events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.
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