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Proudly Seeking Accreditation 

with BHCOE!

Child Doing Art Activity
Cyn's Play Place BCBA Board Certified

About Cyn's Play Place Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Cyn's Play Place offers ABA services to all special needs/diverse students currently enrolled in our schools. Additionally, we provide public services to the community at our clinic, in the comfort of your home, in other schools, virtually, or other community settings.

If you are interested in services, please schedule a free virtual consultation. All CPP schools have their own individual on-site therapy staff & personnel.


Benefits of ABA  


  • Skill-building – Helping your child grow their abilities and talents

  • Person-centered – Promoting your child's personal learning styles and interests

  • Integrative – Providing diverse educational enrichment allowing your child to flourish

  • Multidisciplinary – We have a collaborative approach to meet your child’s needs, so they have the best treatment journey possible. Your child’s occupational, physical, speech therapists and psychologists are valued partners

  • Parent coaching and collaboration- Our children’s caregivers are our teammates and we prioritize weekly inclusive caregiver training sessions


What to Expect

ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis, is the discipline that studies human behavior and aims to improve social behavior by implementing the fundamental techniques of the learning theory. Applied Behavior Analysis therapy builds on the principles of learning. This approached is often used to help individuals diagnosed with Autism develop their communication, social and learning skills.

Our therapists are Board Certified Behavior Analysts, having completed graduate programs approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). Some have completed Master’s degrees in Psychology with a specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis. We carefully select each therapists based on education, experience, and approach. Essentially, we choose committed therapists we believe can make a positive and lasting impact on our clients’ lives.


Our team will dive into the details and possible triggers that might be setting off certain problematic behaviors. We work to help the child find more positive ways of reacting to triggers and helping them replace the negative behaviors with positive tactics. Analysts evaluate your child via assessments and help them set specific goals to work towards. We’ll help your child develop new skills, advance previously learned skills, and decrease problems in social behavior.

ABA Therapy

  • It helps improve social, communication, and learning skills of children through positive reinforcement.

  • Programs are developed by BCBA according to the input a child gives in skill assessments.

  • 1:1 sessions are held with an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician).

  • Activities for learning such as table manners are based on fun and play, which aim to enhance the child’s psycho-motor skills.

  • All sessions and activities prioritize individuality, age, and aptitude of each child.

What can you find in a behavior plan?

A behavior plan contains thoughtfully chosen established procedures for teaching new skills that seek to reduce problematic behaviors. Therapists use a variety of approaches supported by research to build verbal and adaptive skills. Additionally, our BCBAs train caregivers and childcare providers on how to respond to everyday learning, emotional and behavioral challenges and how to reinforce the skills developed during therapy sessions.

Occupational And Speech Therapy

  • We focus on mental, emotional or physical impairments along with speech clarity. 

  • BCBA and a team of other specialized therapists ensure consistency and growth while moving forward with Occupational and Speech Therapy.

  • Each facility provides a completely dependable and synchronized environment for increasing chances of effective learning processes and expertise.

21st Century Skills

Our school aims in enriching skills like Problem Solving through Creativity and Collaboration. We strongly believe in Activity Based Learning Methodologies and promote:

Group Learning

We want our learners to take the skills they learn with their RBTs out into the world and transition to less restrictive environments if and when they’re ready, such as school, daycare, gymnastics class, etc. We use our group skills curriculum to move learners from very basic skills such as sitting with peers and responding in a group to longer activities that mimic common preschool structure.

Classroom Routines

Children are taught the basic norms of standard schooling from the scratch, like managing belongings, packing their bags, entering and exiting in queue.

We also teach regulations and rules to be followed in restrooms, playground, libraries, and so forth.


To emphasize the importance of social skills in life, we fuel their development of confidence in social interactions among peers, we offer play dates, and other booming talent show activities for children to display their socializing skills and talents.​ Mixed ability groups are formed where a child with outstanding skills and/or special social needs are paired up with another child who manages to group up and mingle easily under the careful supervision and handling of their RBTs.

Getting Started

1. Complete consultation/intake

2. Allow us 48 hours to verify insurance coverage or self-pay options

3. Schedule in-office, in-home, or virtual assessment with one of our BCBA

4. Receive treatment plan & begin therapy.

Insurances We Are Proud to Accept

Most insurance providers cover therapy. It’s just one of the benefits of being the leading therapy for children with autism. Chances are, your insurance will pay for much of your child’s services, either upfront or through reimbursements.

Cyn's Play Place
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