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Cyn's Play Place, LLC

Experience the Difference at Cyn's Play Place

Distance Learning

Cyn's Play Place offers a Domestic & International Nanny Agency and Private Schools dedicated to contributing to the continuous growth and development of children. We believe in establishing high self-esteem, unshakable bonds, and resourceful educational tools to help them gain the knowledge and skills they will need as they grow older.

Children in Classroom

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cyn's?
~An Organization Like No Other~

  • We take pride in the attention we give to each child from infancy to school-age! Whether you utilize our Nanny Agency or our Private Schools, Cyn's has various programs just for you.

  • Our private schools go above & beyond to make sure our community's expectations are exceeded. Preschoolers graduate/transition directly into the elementary program. Our K-5th grade teachers grow with your child, moving up each grade level with them. Keeping familiarity and comfortability for years to come.

  • We use our own unique structured curriculum covering pre-k through 5th grade; Including taking the time to personalize age-appropriate learning binders for each Preschool child. This helps monitor milestones and essentially keep your child ahead! Students in our elementary program take home progress reports and reports cards throughout the year. 

  • Behavioral services and qualified Special Needs teachers/caregivers on hand to assist our diverse students with participating in group activities, and 1-on-1 personal development. 

  • Long-term placements of career childcare providers ready to become a part of your family. You'll normally always have the same sitter/nanny!

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