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Why Choose a Local Private School?

Are you the parent of an incoming kindergartener? Perhaps your child has always attended public school prior, but you're looking to make the switch. There are a plethora of benefits you and your child receive with a private school education. If you're asking, "Why private school?" Here's our rundown of all the advantages of attending an outstanding private school…

Smaller Class Sizes that Foster Learning

Small class sizes are often cited as one of the top reasons to opt for private education. You've probably heard all the hype surrounding a lower student-teacher ratio, but it's true! Students who attend classes with smaller sizes are more likely to perform better on tests. Teachers have the opportunity to personalize a child’s education, something they may not have the time to do if the class was larger.

Higher Test Scores

Private school students tend to perform better on college entrance tests such as the ACT. In fact, many schools report nearly 100% of students attending college after graduation. This statistic, along with private schools' range of advanced placement courses, shows that these schools better prepare their students for college when compared with a typical public school. Academics are typically at the top of any parent's wish list, and rightfully so. With a private school, your child may be more likely to succeed in their studies and take the next steps at the university of their choice.

Focus on Special Interests

Public schools are often ultra-focused on core classes. They might overemphasize those courses and let elective classes fall by the wayside. At a private school, your child is much more likely to be able to explore their interests in art, music, theatre, or a particular trade. While core standards might suggest otherwise, allowing students to learn more about the arts or other passions actually results in a much more well-rounded education and better preparation for the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they'll need.

Hold Your Child to Higher Standards

Many private schools hold their students to higher standards than public schools. Academic excellence is stressed and rewarded, and children who struggle promptly receive the help they need. This results in higher test scores and better preparedness. Holding your child to a high standard not only helps their grade report but also encourages them to become a contributing member of society while in school and afterwards.

Safer Environment

With the world still battling a pandemic, the student-teacher ratios are so much lower. Staff have more time and opportunity to monitor students and their health and even behaviors. When children feel safe at school, they're better able to learn and achieve their potential. Plus, students who are used to discipline and high standards for respect tend to have better attendance and do better in post-secondary education and the workforce.

Choose the Private School that Fits Your Child Best

When you send your child to public school, you rarely get a say in which school they attend. If you're unsatisfied with the public schools in your area, a private school is the best way to go. Opting for a private school means you can select a school that best meets your child's needs. When you go private, the world is your oyster. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  • Diversity of the student body

  • The atmosphere and quality of the school's facility

  • Activities offered

  • Staff

  • Cost of attendance

Stronger Parent Communication and Involvement

More frequent parent communication is another common reason for choosing a private school over public. Much more often than in public schools, instructors and administrators make communicating with parents a priority. You'll likely be invited to more parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress. This way, you'll have a much better idea of what your child needs to succeed. Children may not always want to admit they're struggling, and frequent communication with teachers is an excellent way to provide your child with help when they need it. Not only will your involvement allow you to keep an eye on your child's academics, but you may also develop a stronger relationship with your child because of it.

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