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Cyn’s Academy

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Cyn’s Academy is the hybrid K-5th grade Private School sector of the childcare company Cyn’s Play Place. By offering grade-level and age-appropriate state-approved curriculum, in the midst of the pandemic, our childcare providers are equipped with the necessary tools to assist children with additional virtual learning at home. Our babysitters and nannies provide full-time, part-time, and occasional childcare services in your home. During this time, devoting some time for very much needed educational lessons. Our parents can cut lingering hefty childcare costs and invest solely in one. One that actually delivers unimaginable full service!

With social distancing becoming a thing of the norm, Cyn’s Academy brings a comfortable approach to online-learning for children of all ages.

“Our number one priority with incorporating online learning, is to focus on slowly introducing it to the younger ones. It’s a dramatic change for them and we need to be sensitive to that.” -Cynthia Mbangue-Smith, Owner.

If a child Isn’t necessarily attending school physically that’s not a problem. After placing a nanny with a family, the company provides both nanny and family with the necessary technology, materials, and schedules that include what times of the day the nanny can log in to the online platform to tune into a lesson plan. These schedules can be merged into an already set schedule each day as well. In order to not extend an already lengthy day, each teacher/tutor will go over a lesson plan per set time limit each. Providing sufficient breaks in between to allow for the children to get some free time, lunch, naps, etc. As adults, we understand what it’s like to sit behind a computer all day however children do not. Our approach is to factor in core curriculum lessons within their normal day-to-day activities. After a teacher/tutor has completed their lesson, they’re also done for the day. The nanny and children can indulge in other planned activities without the pressure of feeling like they’re still “in class”. That’s until the next scheduled lesson plan of course!

“...It works regardless of any age, for the parents who cannot afford paying double in childcare right now due to some places still being unable to offer in-person learning. It also benefits those who do not feel comfortable with their children going back at all. We’ve contracted individuals with nothing but exceptional backgrounds and certifications in education and teaching. Additionally, we are keeping everyone’s best interest in mind especially during the ongoing pandemic.” -Cynthia Mbangue-Smith, Owner

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Cyn's Play Place
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