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Get Ready for School!

Welcome to Cyn's Academy!


Cyn's Academy's Kindergarten through 5th grade courses include core subjects such as mathematics, language arts, reading, science, and social studies. Students will also participate in elective courses such as music, physical education, French, Spanish, and art.

Our strong commitment to strengthening our student's character means they can reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives including incorporating Christian biblical education. We strive to set goals that are achievable through hard work and dedication.


We provide a rigorous and challenging academic program tailored to each child’s gifts, strengths, and abilities in a noncompetitive, fun school climate in which children are encouraged to believe in themselves enough to take risks.


Our purpose is to empower students, improve their foundational cognitive abilities essential for success in life, and keep them motivated to continue working. Through innovative and inclusive curriculum we seek to enable student success in higher levels of learning on through middle and high school, and beyond. Through active, positive, and mutually respectful interaction with their peers and Cyn's Academy staff, in addition to an embrace of community-first values, we take pride in seeing our students blossom to their full potential.

Cyn's Academy is currently seeking accreditation from the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS) & Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED)! Our program ensures that each student has mastered the necessary skills to move onto the next grade. Your child will remain on track with their peers while acquiring the knowledge they'll need for middle school!



Our Programs 

Traditional Classroom:

Traditional on-site program 
Note: At this time, we do not have any availability for this program.

Virtual/Digital Program:

The Virtual program is a program that allows students to receive instruction from a teacher, and work with other students in virtual classrooms and virtual groups; real time.


Home School Program:

The Home School program allows students to complete the curriculum at their own pace within a set time frame with support from their families, our virtual tutors, and school support staff.

Tuition & Financial Aid
K-5th grade)

Application Fee- $450/student

5 Day Full Day Program-  $13,475/yr

3 Day Full Day Program-  $10,275/yr

 Virtual Program-  $8,250/yr

Home School Program-  $5,200/yr

Tuition and fees include lunch, academic activity fees for all students, and technology resources. All students use of iPads, Chromebooks, and school MacBooks. Textbook fees also include any software licensing fees for specific courses. 

Contact the school to learn about our financial aid program.

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