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Cyn's Academy School Advisory Council Purpose
The School Advisory Council serves as a collaborative forum to advise the School Director on policies, curriculum, and budgets, to focus on parental and community involvement in the school, and to undertake other specific initiatives or priorities as enunciated by the Governing Council.

Membership of School Advisory Council
The School Advisory Council shall consist of 10 members to include staff, parents, students, and community members.  The school director shall be an active member of the SAC, and may serve as chair.  At least one community member shall represent the potential placements for internships/externships in the community, if such person is available. The School Advisory Council shall include at least one member of the Governing Council.

School Advisory Council Duties 
Consistent with State and Governing Council and the school's rules and policies, the School Advisory Council will undertake the following listed duties and such other matters within its responsibilities as may warrant its attention:

     1.  Serve as a liaison among stakeholders including school committees, staff, students, parents and the community at large; working towards the improvement of the school;
              a) Gathering information
              b) Processing ideas and information
              c) Making recommendation on implementation
     2.  Develop creative ways to involve parents in the school;
     3.  Development and review of the Strategic Plan;
     4.  Serve as a vehicle for building community support and encouraging greater community participation in the school, including internship placements;
     5.  Review of the annual parent and student satisfaction survey
     6.  When necessary, the SAC may consult on school documents such as; Student and Parent Handbook, Safety and Wellness plans.

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